In business for more than 40 years, we are recognized in Estrie and Montérégie for the quality and speed of our services. Our professional and attentive experts are at your disposal for the evaluation, maintenance and repair of appliances, vacuum cleaners, heaters, air conditioners, etc ... as well as to advise you in the choice of a new device.


Products & SERVICES

At Lamoureux & Frère, we offer a complete range of products and services. We sell vacuum cleaners, air exchangers, water filters, air exchangers filters, range hoods, motors, appliances, bathroom fans, etc. For many of our products, we also offer a repair service. Visit our store and one of our specialists will guide you in your purchase.


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Do not hesitate to contact us for information about our products, our services, or to make an appointment for the repair of your appliances. Our team of specialists is there to answer your needs!